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Levy of Clean Trucks Fee Begins Nov. 17

Only trucks with RFID tags will be allowed access starting Nov. 10

October 31, 2008

The Port of Long Beach will launch a major phase in its Clean Trucks Program, shifting to an electronic gate reader system on November 10, and beginning the assessment of a Clean Trucks Fee on container cargo on November 17 to fund the replacement of polluting trucks with a fleet of new clean trucks.

PortCheck, a nonprofit organization of port terminal operators, will collect the fee on the ports' behalf from beneficial cargo owners. The fee and the PortCheck system for collecting will be phased in over the next two weeks. 

On Monday, November 3, PortCheck will allow cargo owners to familiarize themselves with its system for claiming cargo by visiting the PortCheck page at www.pierpass-tmf.org. Cargo owners that are already registered in PierPASS will automatically be uploaded in to PortCheck. Cargo owners that are automatically uploaded from PierPASS in to PortCheck will first have to accept the terms and conditions of PortCheck before their account will get extended in to PortCheck.  

On Monday, November 10, the electronic gate reader system for PortCheck will go live. Container terminal operators will turn away concession trucks without Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags. The only trucks allowed to access terminals will be trucks working for Licensed Motor Carriers with port-approved concessions that are registered in the port's online Drayage Truck Registry, have paid their $100 per truck registration fee and that have RFID tags.  

Beginning immediately, trucking companies can complete their vehicle registrations by paying their $100 truck fees in the Drayage Truck Registry (http://dtr.cleanairactionplan.org).  

On November 10, the bright orange Temporary Access Permit stickers will no longer be valid.

On Thursday, Nov. 13, cargo owners may begin paying the fee - $35 for 20-foot and shorter containers and $70 for longer containers.

On Monday, Nov. 17 at 7 a.m., only container cargo cleared through PortCheck will be allowed to move in and out of the Port’s container terminals.

With the Clean Trucks Program, the Port will reduce truck-related air pollution 80 percent by 2012. The Program began with a ban on 1988 and older trucks on October 1, 2008, and will progressively ban more of the older trucks. Beginning January 2012, only trucks that meet the tough 2007 EPA emission standards will be allowed access to the Port. The Clean Trucks Fee will help the trucking industry to quickly replace their trucks

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