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Manned Aircraft Landing and Takeoff Permits

There are two permits associated with the landing or taking-off of any non-UAS aircraft (e.g. helicopters) within the Harbor District; one for the Port and one for the Fire Department.

The Tenant Services & Port Operations Division facilitates the processing of both permits. To begin the process, please submit both applications to .

  • There is no fee for the Port permit.
  • There is a fee for the Fire permit. The Fire Department will contact the applicant after the applications are received.

Generally, we will need a minimum of 10 business days to process the permits, however, the timeline will ultimately depend on the responsiveness of the applicant and the promptness with which the required items below are delivered:

  1. Helicopter specifications containing: maximum length, width, and height; gross weight; and weight loads at each wheel
    1. Regarding the wheel loads – we will need to know the measurements (length x width) of the part of the wheel that makes contact with the asphalt for each wheel. If that measurement is unavailable, then we will at least need the size of each wheel.
  2. If you will be using a crane (e.g. for helicopter blade assembly/disassembly), please provide crane specifications containing: maximum length, width, and height; gross weight
    1. Most importantly with the crane, we will need to know the load imposed from the lifting arrangement at each outrigger (i.e. the weight loads at each outrigger, size of the mat placed under each outrigger, and max weight of the items being lifted). See Diagram for example.

PLEASE NOTE: The helicopter specs and crane specs will need to be reviewed/approved by Port engineering, which can take up to a few days. If possible, please try to submit these items as early as possible in the process to avoid delays.

  1. Plot Plan of the landing location
  2. FAA approved Flight Plan
  3. Spill Prevention Plan
  4. Will there be fueling/defueling of the helicopter at the terminal?

Please forward these items/information to at any time.

Insurance Requirements

Insurance requirements will be determined after receipt of the applications and based upon the nature of the proposed activity. The following are the minimum insurance requirements for the Aircraft Landing and Takeoff Permits:

General Liability: $5 million per occurrence / $10 million aggregate
Automobile Liability: $1 million
Workers’ Compensation/Employer Liability: statutory / $1 million
Aircraft Liability: $10 million

Evidences of insurance should be provided either on the Port’s Special Endorsement Forms or by submitting certified copies of the insurance policies containing all the provisions from our Special Endorsement Forms and adding the City of Long Beach, Harbor Department, as additionally insured. NOTE: processing complete policies will take much more time than processing the Port’s Special Endorsement Forms due to their excessive size.

The Special Endorsement Forms have to be signed by the insurance underwriters or other parties, which were authorized by the underwriters. The Special Endorsement Forms can be found here.

Acord or other certificates of insurance are not accepted; exception – State Compensation Insurance Fund forms are accepted in lieu of our Workers’ Compensation/Employer’s Liability forms. Please note that the state forms have to contain endorsements 2065 (Notice of Cancelation) and 2570 (Waiver of Subrogation).

Any deductibles or self-insured retentions of $100,000 or above will have to be declared to and approved by the Port. The company’s audited financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, aka statement of revenue & expenses, and a statement of cash flow) for the last two years will be required for such deductibles/self-insured retentions. If audited statements are not available, the financial statements should be accompanied by a letter from a company officer confirming accuracy of the documents. Information from the financial statements will remain confidential and those statements will be returned upon request.

Insurance must be placed with insurance companies, which have a minimum A.M. Best rating of A:VII.

For additional information, please contact the Tenant Services & Port Operations Division at (562) 283-7760 or via email at . We are open Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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