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Pulse of the Port
Latest Episode
About the Show

"Pulse of the Port," the Port of Long Beach's award winning half-hour video program, takes viewers behind the scenes at one of the world's busiest seaport complexes.

Earlier Episodes
  • November 2014
    On the Job at LBCT, Bridge update, Photo gallery, Preparing for the worst, New addition to security fleet, Cargo inspection
  • September 2014
    Port jobs, 2014 high school interns, Customs and contraband, Bridge update, Pacific Harbor Line
  • August 2014
    New day at the port, Supertrains on Pier T, Port security goes virtual, Bridge project update
  • June/July 2014
    Middle Harbor, Mercedes comes to Long Beach, New anti-pollution system, Ecosystem survey, "Pink" the pelican released back into wild
  • May 2014
    New bridge work, Landing craft joins Port fleet, Rescuing "Pink" the pelican, Environmental awards, Celebrating education
  • April 2014
    Peak season preparation, Peak season forecast, Main Channel depth, Berth 55 sport fishing
  • March 2014
    Middle Harbor cranes, Construction update, LB Bridge app, AMECS ship emissions project
  • January 2014
    Commission President Drummond's plans and goals, Shore Power for 2014, Maintenance buildings demolition, International Seafarers Center, Middle Harbor update

  • December 2013
    Bridge project visit, Middle Harbor jobs update, Women in Trade event, Photographic art, EPA chief visits, Let's Talk Port in El Dorado
  • October/November 2013
    Clean Trucks anniversary, 'Strip the City' visits Desmond Bridge project, Environmental snapshot, President Fields talks business development, Port photo gallery
  • September 2013
    Middle Harbor update, Harley Marine fuel barge, Sustainability, Oil well relocation, Energy policy, Turtle release
  • August 2013
    ITS' Green buildings, Tier 3 green tug, Construction update, Mulch wall, Sand sculpture contest, Let's Talk Port at Long Beach Yacht Club
  • July 2013
    Customs and Border Protection laboratory, Bridge construction kicks off, Port funds garden, Movies on the Beach, Clean Air Action Plan Awards
  • June 2013
    TS Golden Bear, Middle Harbor update, Security with Randy Parsons, Train tours, Green Flag and Green Ship Awards, Social media harbor tour
  • May 2013
    Moving oil wells, Iron ore exports, Green leadership around the world, Improving wetlands, Scholarship awards, Baker Street Park
  • April 2013
    Shore power progress, SSA facility, Community Mitigation Grants, Peak season forecast, Crane ship, Foreign trade zone (SEREC), Maintaining containers, Green Port Gateway
  • March 2013
    SA Recycling, Green Port Gateway, Tokyo Electric, Tree planting, TAP program, Let's Talk Port, Bridge update
  • February 2013
    OOCL Miami, Heart lab, State of the Port, National Gypsum, Clean Trucks driver interview
  • January 2013
    Ability Tri-Modal, Latin American trade, Bridge project groundbreaking, Middle Harbor update, Refrigerated containers, Petroleum coke
  • December 2012
    Customs and contraband, Pacific Harbor Line, Alameda Corridor turns 10, Harbor Ship Supply, Business continuity, Veterans Day parade
  • November 2012
    Building projects, TTI's big day, Rail expansion, Train tours, Women in trade, Free trade agreements
  • October 2012
    Car transport, Transforming the landscape, Big ships, Let's Talk Port, Eye on Design
  • August/September 2012
    Tier 4 Engine rail preview, Summer interns, CAAP Awards, Movies on the Beach
  • July 2012
    Sunset tour, Green Ship Incentives, Scanning technology, Exports seminar, Dragster Expo
  • June 2012
    LBPD Dive Team, Foreign Trade Zone seminar, Middle Harbor concrete pour, Green Flag Awards, Trade outlook
  • May 2012
    Middle Harbor kickoff; Training Vessel TS Golden Bear; Scholarships and outreach; Focus on local environment
  • April 2012
    On-dock rail improvements; Mega-ship arrives/Middle Harbor update; Clean Trucks legacy; Forecasting future of trade
  • March 2012
    Middle Harbor and Pacific Gateway; Big ship ready; High school learning/breathing easy; Moving the big stuff
  • January/February 2012
    State of the Port/Middle Harbor lease; Zero-emissions truck; Security official's Bronze Star; Jobs for the community
  • December 2011
    Recovering from a derailment; Clean trucks for New Year's; Grain exports; Middle Harbor update; Scholarships stories
  • November 2011
    Middle Harbor update; Customs and Border Protection; Welcoming new Port leaders; Plugging in on Pier C
  • October 2011
    New park/Low-emission locomotives; Moving the big stuff; Women of the Port; Down Memory Lane
  • September 2011
    10 Years after 9/11; Cutting diesel pollution; Summer youth program; World of warehousing
  • July/August 2011
    Port's 100th birthday party; Zero-emissions truck; Lakewood High School students; International Trade Outlook event
  • June 2011
    Marine Exchange; Ocean Science Center at Aquarium of the Pacific; Panama Canal expansion; Scholarship recipients
  • May 2011
    Inflatable emergency shelter; Radiation monitoring; Pier G Operations building; Peak Season Forecast
  • March/April 2011
    Recovering from a derailment; Clean trucks for New Year's; Grain exports; Middle Harbor update; Scholarships stories
  • December 2010
    Patriot Partner; P.O. Shipping; Warehousing; Gerald Desmond Bridge Project launch
  • November 2010
    Green Flag Program; Weyerhauser Lumber; Ocean Boulevard; Crowley Marine Services; Chemoil; Profile of a surveyor
  • October 2010
    Ability Tri-Modal; Community Outreach Team; Storm drains; 5 years of the Green Port Policy
  • August/September 2010
    2010 CAAP Awards; Lakewood High School; Susan Anderson Wise; Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement Project
  • June/July 2010
    Emergency Responders drill; SSA Terminals; Port Scholarships; Dr. Mike Walter
  • May 2010
    ICTF; CAAP update; Green Flag Program awards; Mario Cordero
  • April 2010
    Refrigerated containers; Job Shadow Day; Nick Sramek; Unusual cargo; Fire Station 24
  • February/March 2010
    Storm watch; State of the Port; ILWU; Thomas Fields
  • January 2010
    Rubber-tire gantry cranes; 2009 Arts Award, Clean Trucks; Green demolition
  • October/November 2009
    Gantry crane; Port at night; Altair pilot boat; Forward linkages
  • September 2009
    Cinebags; Gerald Desmond Bridge; Matson's green lease; Community outreach interns
  • August 2009
    SA Recycling; International Seafarers Center; Cal Maritime; On-dock rail planner
  • June/July 2009
    LNG Truck Technician Program; Cleaner locomotives; Shore power, Green building
  • April 2009
    Command and Control Center; Colorado Lagoon service learning project
  • February 2009
    New Green Port Policy; Cold ironing; Hybrid tug; Drifting at the Port; Economic impact
  • December 2008
    Clean Truck leases; Fire Station 15; Ricoh Electronics; 4th Annual Green Port Fest
  • September 2008
    Olive oil importers; Clean Trucks Program; Air Quality Excellence Awards; Green Port Fest
  • June 2008
    Green Flag Awards; Harbor Arbor Day; Middle Harbor; Fire Station 24
  • March 2008
    Sea Launch; Clean Air Action Plan update; Los Angeles Grain Terminal; Harbor cruise
  • November 2007
    Chemoil; Hex, the Customs security dog; Green Port innovations
  • September 2007
    New Cranes; Community harbor cruise; Harbor Commission; New environmental practices and wildlife
  • August 2007
    Advanced spectroscopic portal; Rail; Wetlands
  • May 2007
    May 2007 (Español)
    Alameda Corridor; Submersible technology; Harbor Arbor/Wrigley greenbelt; Ocean Boulevard
  • April 2007
    April 2007 (Español)
    Crowley Marine Services; Weyerhauser Forest Products; Faster Freight Cleaner Air Expo; Green Flag Awards
  • February 2007
    Piloting under the Gerald Desmond Bridge; Morton Salt; Ship chandlers; Low-sulfur fuels
  • January 2007
    Diver Dan; Pacific Coast Recycling; Clean diesel trucks; Day in the life of a container
  • Some additional clips from Pulse shows in Spanish are available at www.polb.com/webcast
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