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1 in 8


If you live or work in Long Beach, chances are you know someone whose job exists thanks to trade moving through the Port of Long Beach.

By the numbers,
that's 1 in 8 jobs
in Long Beach.

That may be your neighbors, relatives, friends or even you!

Delivering OpportunityNearly 30,000 jobs in Long Beach are supported by cargo that travels across this city’s docks. We’re talking about jobs at the Port such as dockworkers, truck drivers and others who handle cargo each day, as well as off-the-docks jobs such as freight forwarders who book international shipments; warehouse workers who receive, sort and store goods; and financial, insurance and legal professionals whose work also depends on a thriving seaport. And there are the wholesale distributors who move the goods to the final point of purchase, whether it is household items to a store, or parts to a manufacturer.

Behind every container that moves through the Port are people who make sure its contents travel safely and efficiently from origin to destination. And with more than 6.2 million container units moving through the Port of Long Beach last year, the nation's second busiest port puts an army of people to work. The Port supports nearly 316,000 jobs in a five-county region – more than 10 times the jobs that its activity generates locally.

Quadruple the regional impact and trade moving through the Port of Long Beach supports almost 1.4 million jobs nationwide.

Closer to home, we're talking about the construction worker next door, the crane operator you call "coach" on the playing field, and the property manager you know as the mother of your child's best friend. The numbers include jobs at shops, restaurants and other services that flourish when trade is the backbone of the local economy.

And because trade-related jobs are among the best paid in the country, you live in a diverse, seaside community valued for its quality of life.

Thanks to the Port, Long Beach is also a community with a future -- one built on responsible and sustainable growth. During the next decade, the Port's $4 billion capital program will create thousands of construction jobs with good wages and benefits. Port development will play a lead role in the nation's economic recovery and it also will energize emerging industries, such as those centered on innovation and green technology.

You know the people. And now you know the numbers, too!

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